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    I must say that you guys are awesome when it comes to support and I really like your theme a lot and given recommendations to my friends to buy as well.
    I have been trying to achieve the following but don’t know were and how to start little help is appreciated,
    1.Most of my users do not have email account so I need user registration, login and password reset through mobile number.
    2.I want my users to receive real time sms notifications if someone sends a friend request, likes, comments and any changes to there profile.The admin should also receive notification of what’s happening in the website.
    3.The free registered users should not be able to access more than 4 profiles a day . This way I can avoid my profiles being stolen by spammers think so.
    4.Finally social login option if any user interested to use.
    Your help and suggestions to achieve the above functionality would help me serve my users better.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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