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    Bill Django
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    I think a feature with the possibility to show the most recent profile visitors on a user profile will be really appreciated because this feature is used on a lot of dating website and is really important. Do you think it’s possible to create this feature in your theme or do you recommend to use a plugin to do it ? I’m afraid that using a plugin will not be well integrated with the design of gwandi. Maybe you can told me how to make a function for this feature ?

    Thank a lot for you work and support.


    Olivier Cardoen
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    Hi @billdjango,

    Thank you for your great feedback. 🙏

    The BuddyPress Recent Profile Visitors plugin should help you with that:

    However, as you’ve so well predicted, this plugin is untested with Gwangi so we can’t guarantee that everything will work or be displayed as expected, even though we believe there shouldn’t be any major issues.

    And you’re right, this feature might be useful to other dating websites so We will implement this feature if other Gwangi users upvote this request. I’ll move your topic to the feature requests forum to help others to find it easily.

    We’ll keep you informed. Thank you very much for contributing to Gwangi!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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