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    Julia Steinhauser
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    Hi, the item I payed for (Cera Theme) is not what I received. It is illegal to sale something like this in Germany! So I will claim it through the legal authorities, if I have to!

    1. In the Item description it promises to deliver different demo versions. One of this Demo Version is “Youser”. Because of this “good looking” Demo Version I actually purchased this theme. When I downloaded and installed the theme, demo version was not available. After a long and exhausting research I figured out that the demo version is a plugin which cost additionaly a lot of money – same amount like a theme itself.

    According to German product policy, the seller CAN NOT add to the description of the item something what has to be purchased separately!!!!!!

    2. It is stated that this theme can be customised with Elementor since 02/2020. However Elementor does not work with this theme!!!

    This is another lie about this product.

    So I have the theme which is completely useless. And waisting my time to write this.

    I am claiming all costs which I paid for this theme and ask you to refund it on my credit card account.
    Otherwise, I am going to claim it through legal authorities.

    Best regards,
    Julia Steinhauser


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @juli, 🙂

    We’re sorry to read that you’re facing some issues with our theme.

    First of all, I unfortunately think you misunderstood. The “Youzer demo”, as its name indicates, is for the Youzer plugin. All customers who want to use this specific plugin have the possibility to have a compatible theme with this paying plugin. As you can see in the attached screenshot, there is a warning message to inform you when selecting the demo.

    Secondly, your second question has already been addressed in this topic :

    Elementor does not work with Cera Theme

    Can you please answer us so we can fix this issue together? Rest assured that we will do our best to solve this. 🙂

    For all refund requests, please review the Envato Refund policy:

    If your issue is matching the described conditions, please introduce your request to Envato. It will be redirected to us.

    Thank you in advance.


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