Feature Request accepted – Ajax Member Swap

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Gwangi Update 1.1.5

A new update is available for Gwangi theme (v1.1.5)!

  • NEW: Added Ajax for Swap members views. No more page loading.
  • NEW: Added compatibility with Buddypress Moderation Tools plugin form BuddyDev
  • NEW: A “more” menu item has been added to include tabs when there are too many menu items in BuddyPress profile navigation
  • NEW: Password protected page now works on pages with Grimlock sections (widgets)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Visually improve profile fields (Desktop + Mobile)
  • FIXED: Field descriptions was duplicated on profile pages
  • FIXED : The members directory was not displayed correctly on IE 11
  • FIXED : Display of text button on Swap members views
  • FIXED : Display of action button on friend requests screen

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