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A few questions

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    Hello dear support team

    I think the theme is just great and I love it! But I have some questions about it … I hope you can help me.

    1. I want to change the registration form. I would like to add some points from the user profile such as birthday or mother Language. How can I do that?

    2. How can I insert the nav-bar section in the header with the icons in an Elementor header? Is there this possibility? – would be great! (Image attached)

    3. How can I add the Nav-Bar from the side menu in Mobile Mode to Elementor?

    4. How can you set that when you log in no matter where you come to the user profile and automatically return to the home page when you log out?

    5. What kind of link does the login button have in the header? I would like to use that on one side with the pop-up.

    6. How can I change the title of the forum page? There should be “Foren” (German) and not “Forums”.

    Sorry for the many questions, but the answers would help me a lot and then I would have a lot more fun with this great theme!
    Thanks, Joel

    Themosaurus Support
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    Hi Joel,

    Thank you for buying our theme. We hope it will meet all your expectations! 🙂

    We thank you for sharing your opinion with us!

    Thank you for bring these issues to our attention. We’re glad to answer any question related with the setup of our theme.

    However, it is very difficult for us to provide the best support possible and to keep track of issues and their resolution if so many questions are asked in the same topic.
    Moreover, it’s easier for us to share the resolution for a single issue with other members of our community facing the same problem.

    So, could you split your questions into different topics, please? One question = one topic.
    By doing this, you will be making a great contribution to this forum, and we thank you very much for that! 🙂

    We thank you for your understanding.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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