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    I would like for my members to be 21+ and over how can I remove the ages 18-20?


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    Hi @hittekk,

    To limit the age of subscribing users you can edit the “Birthday” field and set the minimum age at 21 (see screenshot).

    However this does not sync yet with search form field.
    We will therefore place this ticket as a feature request and we will develop a fix to make the ages the same (automatically or manually).

    Thank you very much for your feedback this will improve our theme!

    Best regards,


    Bill Django
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    Hello, I don’t understand how to show age range on the website…


    Olivier Cardoen
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    Hi @billdjango,

    Could you be more specific please? What’s exactly the blocking issue that’s preventing you from changing the age range in the BP Profile Form or XProfile settings?

    Thank you.

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