Alignement issue in profile page

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    Gilles Deron
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    The profile pages appear to be different depending on the browsers.

    On Chrome: the blocs are correctly aligned
    On I.E. and Opera, the left bloc is a few px lower than the right bloc.

    Have you an idea to soluce this problem?




    Gilles Deron
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    I found a solution.

    Custom CSS:

    .mb-4, .my-4 {
    margin-bottom:0rem !important;	

    Works for me, but I’m not sure why…



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    Hi @gillesderon,

    Unfortunately, these two web browsers are not supported by our item anymore.

    Furthermore the utility CSS classes that you’re mentioning in your previous reply are generated by the latest version Bootstrap, which allow me to conclude also that the authors might not support these browsers anymore also.

    In any case, we really thank you for sharing your solution with the rest of the forum as it might help those who will face the same issue. #SharingIsCaring 🙌


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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