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    Highly reccomend this plugin:

    BuddyPress Member Reviews

    Not much clash of UI

    Could be better if:
    1. can change text to syllables (review/reviews)
    2. the stars are highlighted more elegantly
    3. the impaitent double press of submit does not ‘double submit’
    4. the icon on both sub-tabs to be changed.

    suggestion to be in stack of compatible plugins to benefit your other clients who would find value in this


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    Hi @abourne,

    Thank you for submitting this request and for documenting it with a screenshot. This integration could be indeed a very nice addition to our theme. We will implement this feature if other community members upvote this request.

    We’ll keep you informed. Thank you very much for contributing so much to Gwangi with all your new requests! 😉👍


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