can I turn my site into an app?

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    Good evening, I would like to know if there is a plugin that transforms my site into an app for google store and apple store.
    Also, I would like a tip: what features must have a good hosting that supports my site well? Can you recommend me one?


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    Hi @giuseppelala87,

    Gwangi is fully responsive on any mobile device but if you are looking for a way to make it into an app, be aware that it is not meant to be converted into a mobile app.

    If you want to create a mobile app with WordPress, a solution might be to use a plugin made to serve/build an app with the content of your WordPress website. Some interesting projects are: AppPresser (, WordApp Mobile App Plugin (, WPTouch (

    A good hosting solution must fill these points:
    – A Space according to your business (a lot of media need a big Space)
    – Good Bandwidth
    – SSL compatible (https)
    – A good Uptime (So that your site is never offline) and response times

    Our experience has shown us that WPEngine is probably the best hosting solution for WordPress:


    It’s not the most affordable, but customer service is fast, polite and above all very very very efficient, which is a major advantage.

    Here is a good comparison of the best WordPress hosts on the market:

    Best WordPress Hosting Providers of 2018 Compared

    I hope you will find the right hosting solution for your project.

    Best regards,

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