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    1) I want to line up (horizontally next to each other) the boxes of the buddypress profile field checkboxes.

    2) I wan registration page, the “this field can be seen by all” I use this css. Is the css code clean? (I found on another forum):

    3) Is it possible to add a logo for example:
    Gender Woman logo pink and pink writing
    Gender man blue logo and blue writing

    4) I want to add text before the recording block, you advise me what? to use after content? to use a php code with the snippet? or edit it in the php child? I’m thinking about the snippet or the php child.
    I wish to make a clean site.

    5) How do you advise me to do for a GRPD opt-in with buddypress? I put a simple checkbox but the information is found on the profile of the member

    for number 3 it is for much later that I will use it but as I opened the post I think it can help other person

    Thank you,



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    Hi @fabien00,

    Unfortunately, we don’t provide any theme customization. So, you shouldn’t expect other snippets from us unless it’s to fix an issue stemming from our own codebase. We always try our best to help theme users whenever we can and only provide code snippets out of courtesy to prevent them from waiting for the next update.

    In your case, we think that these changes require custom development work. For one, we recommend you try to reach MeshPros and request a customization quote:

    Request a Quote

    These guys are the author of Match me for BuddyPress, a plugin that recommended to provide the matchmaking feature to your website. You might be already using it. They’ve quite a lot of experience with WordPress and BuddyPress development and might be better suited to help you.

    If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend you to require the services from Envato Studio freelancers (https://studio.envato.com/explore/websites-programming). This web platform gives you access to developers who have already experience with theme customizations, and for very competitive prices.


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