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    Hi, I changed (translated) the text of the Register and Login buttons on the HP
    when not logged in, thanks to Appearance > Menu > “User – Logged Out”/”In”
    saved, and checked that the menus are well located (“users disconnected” is chcked).
    On my HP, I cannot see these modifications.


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @kadmael,

    If you have opted for the display of buttons in your primary navigation instead of menus, the “User Logged Out” menu is not displayed anymore. Instead, buttons are dynamically added to your navigation by Grimlock Login.

    To translate these strings, I suggest that you edit the translation files for Grimlock Login and the following plugins:
    – Grimlock
    – Grimlock for BuddyPress
    – Grimlock for bbPress

    They each contain a POT file that can be translated under the languages directory. For instance, Grimlock contains: wp-content/plugins/grimlock/languages/grimlock.pot

    Usually, we recommend to rename both translated files and grimlock-your-language-code.po. Then, please replace from the file name by the language code of your choice, for instance fr_FR for french.

    Finally, the best practice is to move the files in the plugins languages directory of your whole website: wp-content/languages/plugins directory. There, you will find the translation for other plugins.

    This will also ensure that the files will not be lost during any future update.

    Best regards,

Hi there,

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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