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    Gilles Deron
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    Hello Super rocket scientists of the dating website.

    I like your theme very much, you know that now.

    I use a lot of your pre-made widgets, there are nice and easy to use.

    On my homepage, I display a list of groups as on your demo sites.
    But I want to disable the links of this groups. I don’t want a non-member visitor could reach a group.

    Have you some snippet who can do that in a second? Or an option I didn’t see yet?



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    Hi @gillesderon,

    As mentioned in another topic, PMPro should manage access restrictions to the various area of your site. Also, when looking at the features offered by its BP add-on (https://wordpress.org/plugins/pmpro-buddypress/), it seems that BP groups management is included.

    To know precisely which features will be restricted from your BP groups, it’s best if you ask directly to the plugin authors.

    They will be more informed and better suited to help you:


    We remain available for all support requests related with the use of your theme.



    Gilles Deron
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    Hi @themosaurusrex,

    Thanks for your advice about PMPro. But this plugin isn’t working fine for me: once the plugin activated, guests can not access to sign in page, they are redirected to the homepage. That is a big issue.
    I wanted to contact the support, but it’s reserved to the PMPro members and I’m not ready to buy a non working plugin.
    Have you ideas toi help me?


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    Hi @gillesderon,

    This issue must be caused by a simple misconfiguration.

    For the free version of the plugin, you can simply ask for help on their WP support forum : https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/paid-memberships-pro/.


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