Email template translations not working

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    Hey There!

    I’ve been using this awesome theme, and i fixed my Buddypress translations myself using their official .PO file (buddypress-nl_NL.po) which worked on the profile page. However the email templates of buddypress doesn’t seem to work.

    When i check within that .PO file I can see that those strings match exactly with the strings i want to translate So i know it’s the correct one. See screenshots for a better understanding!

    I want to translate English into Dutch (NL). Can this be any kind of caching? however i’m not using any active caching plugins or Cloudflare etc.

    Can you guys help me 🙂

    Kind regards,



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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @jordyv,

    BuddyPress lets you edit lots of email templates to better suit your needs. Maybe one of those is taking over your translation files.

    Could make sure that every emails in your WP admin has been translated also?

    You can find your emails by going to your dashboard and navigating to “Emails”. You can search for “wants to add you as a friend” to all the templates to edit. (Please see attached.)

    Thank you.

Hi there,

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