Features widget – how do I get it?

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    I want to make the front page a little more interesting, and came across your features section on your demo.
    What do I need to do to get it exactly like shown on your demo?

    Please see the attached photo.


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    Hi @anders,

    The “Find People Near You” and “Let’s Make Dating More Human & More Simple” section of our demos are populated with WordPress navigation menus. For instance, you can edit “Feature – homepage” in the admin panels of your website.

    You can change the text displayed by editing the description from each menu item in the menu section of your admin panel. If the description text area isn’t visible, please review your screen options, at the top right of your screen. More on this in the following video tutorial:

    Finally, it’s not directly related with your initial question but you might be interested in changing the colors or the icons for this menu. Please read the following topic if you wish also to do so:


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