Friend requests of deleted users

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    Found an issue.
    There are notificiations who cannot be dele handled.

    user A sends a friend request to user B.
    User B gets a notification (you got 1 friend request) until he accepts or refuses.
    But it happens that user A meanwhile deletes his profile, even before user B did some action.
    But in that case the notification will stay there at users B profile
    and cannot be deleted anymore:

    “You have 1 friend request”
    By clicking on the link, there are no requests, because the user is gone.

    How can I fix that?


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @creation,

    Unfortunately, we have no clue. 🤷‍♂️

    As this issue is related with the BuddyPress, it’s best if you try to reach the plugin authors. They will be more informed and better suited to help you.

    To go further, we invite you to post your request on their support forums:

    We remain available for all support requests related with the use of your theme.



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    I already contacted buddypress.

    They said this:

    that’s not the behaviour I’m seeing at this end, when the user get’s deleted the notification get’s deleted as well.

    Maybe the reason is not the deleted user.
    The only thing is, that some users contacted me and they said that they have 4 friend requests, but when the look, they have only 3 effective request.
    That means there is always one more. That’s why I was supposing thats because of some user meanwhile has deleted his profile.
    But maybe the reason is another one (?)

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