Grimlock for Author Avatars List problem

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    I have a problem with author widget !! I not pictures i have

    [authoravatars limit=’5’ user_link=’bp_memberpage’ order=’display_name’ sort_direction=’ascending’ show_name=’true’ blogs=’all’ roles=’Subscriber’]


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    Hi @virginuebootz,

    To add the “members” section like we display on our demos, you need to install and activate Author Avatars List ( and the Grimlock for Author Avatars List (

    These plugins are not mandatory for the theme to work properly. So, these plugins aren’t packaged with theme.

    After installing and activating, you will be able to create members lists with the “Grimlock Author Avatars Section” widget. The settings are nearly the same as the other Grimlock section widgets. However, you can also query for users and display the results on your homepage.

    This widget is best used in the Customizer as it allow you to preview your changes. To edit your widgets in the Customizer, please navigate to “Customize > Widgets”.
    For more, please read the following post:

    How to Add the Meet Our Active Members Widget ?

    We hope that this will help you to finish the setup of your front page. 🙂


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