Gwangi Dating Demo + Youzer

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    If I use youzer with gwangi dating theme, will this break the code and cause me more headaches than its worth? And if yes, what’s the best way to undo and keep the original theme setup and not lose any work so far done? Love the theme so far, really awesome


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @fletch008,

    We’re glad that you appreciate the theme, thank you for your kind words 🙂

    The Youzer plugin is fully compatible with Gwangi, so you can enable it safely even if you are using the dating demo. And if for any reason you don’t like the result and would like to go back to the previous state, you can simply disable the Youzer plugin again. Rest assured that you will not lose any of your work by enabling or disabling Youzer.

    For future reference, if you have any doubt that you might lose some of your work at any point, we recommend that you backup your website with a backup tool. That way you will be able to restore your site to its previous state if anything bad was to happen. Here are some recommendations for backup tools:

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

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