How to create the testimonials section

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    I have the woo themes plugin for testimonials, but it does not format according to how you have it displayed on the Gwangi demo (mine and yours both attached).


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    Hi @abourne,

    We didn’t use the Testimonials by WooThemes plugin to make the section shown on your screenshot, but we used a slider made with the Slider Revolution plugin (

    To reproduce that slider, first you can import our “couple stories” demo slider by following the steps shown in this video from our documentation (just import the “” file instead of the one shown in the video):

    How to import Slider Revolution

    Then you will just have to add a new “Slider Revolution” widget to your page and select the previously imported slider in the widget.

    Once everything is setup and displayed correctly, you can edit the slider to display your own content.

    Hope this information helps you with your setup.


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