I do not have event calender

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    Hello dear,

    I have event calendar in plugin and it installed as well but in menu I do not have it. I do not know why!

    I had to install it. because it was not in my theme. How many plugin i must install then my website become like demo? Can you please give me one list that any plugin that you used in your website I install.

    Best regards.


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    Hi @mahdi,

    Please note that the demo content provided with the theme is our basic demo (https://basic.gwangi-theme.com) which is why you don’t have the events menu. What’s more, even though there is a lot of plugins compatible with Gwangi you still have to manually install third party plugins yourself because they are not required for the theme to work.

    However if you want to find out how to build the events menu like our demo, you can visit these articles of our documentation:

    Setup The Events Calendar with your theme

    Creating Mega Menus

    If you want to go further, you will find a list of articles explaining how to build various pages of our demo at the end of this article:

    Demo Import Troubleshooting – Common Issues and Resolutions

    We hope this information helps you build your website.


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