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    Gilles Deron
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    Hello the Gwangi Support Team,

    My test site is coming to an end, and I’m starting to think about the migration to the production site.

    And I need advice, advice:
    The site contains in the end a large number of plugins. Among these plugins, I will use WPML, which I do not know well. When do you recommend installing and activating WPML? In the very beginning of the creation of the site or rather in the end? Or does it make no difference?

    Thanks again for your work.

    Best regards,


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @gillesderon,

    I’m not sure if activating WPML later in your website lifecycle will make much difference.

    In my opinion, if your site is made to be multilingual, it might be safer to activate it and correct the potential setting issues sooner when the community is smaller than later when you’ll have a bigger audience. Disruption of service will cost more in the future than during the build up of your website.

    In the end, it’s more related with workflow in the sense that some people prefer translating contents one by one during the setup phase and other have a preference for translating the whole site at once.


Hi there,

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