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    Is there any way I can have multiple images of the member, as the member would like to upload multiple images for other users to view and check.
    I installed buddypress xprofiles which added few more fields to the user registration form, I need something like if I enter a country name in one field the next field should have a drop down with only the city’s of that country same for other countries.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @kalleshibg,

    • Unfortunately, adding multiple images for each member is not available with BuddyPress and to our knowledge, there is no plugin that you could install to add this feature to your website. To go further, you will require custom development work.

      We recommend you to require the services from Envato Studio freelancers ( This web platform gives you access to developers who have already experience with theme customizations, and for very competitive prices.

    • Setting up a country / city field like you described would require conditional fields which are unfortunately not available in BuddyPress. However, you can use the BP xProfile Location plugin ( ) to create a location field that uses the Google Autocomplete feature to populate and validate the address fields.

    Best regards.

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