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    The current method of adding menu icons to WP nav menus is a bit clunky and easy for clients to break. The client should not have to understand HTML to change the navigation label.

    I suggest using the same approach other themes use – use the CSS Classes field to determine what icon to use, and therefore the menu item output.

    Current approach:
    Navigation label: <i class=”cera-icon text-primary cera-grid”></i> <span>Dashboard</span>

    CSS Classes (optional):

    Suggested approach:
    Navigation label: Dashboard

    CSS Classes (optional): cera-icon text-primary cera-grid

    Then use a custom menu nav walker (if you don’t already) to read the CSS classes, if they contain the special CSS classes extract them, add the <i> and <span> tags automatically with their appropriate CSS classes and leave the remaining CSS classes to be applied in their default manner.

    Alternatively add proper custom advanced menu property fields to allow icon search and select so CSS classes don’t have to be entered manually at all.


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    @sjregan Thank you for precious and very detailed feedback! We’ll discuss this and be back to you.


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    We’ve extensively discuss your request with our development team. We all agree that there is room for improvement with the way we manage images, icons and colors with menu items, especially when those are used with Grimlock Navigation Section widgets.

    As your idea could be a nice addition to Grimlock, we will add this to our task list and implement this feature in the future. Unfortunately, no release date can be disclosed yet as we’ve already a lot to work on.

    We’ll keep you informed. Thank you very much for contributing to this theme!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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