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    As shown in your demo, on Members Directory, I want my users to be able to filter users based on profile fields. Right now, the default WordPress blog sidebar is showing up when using the Sidebar Template on Members page.

    How do I customize this sidebar to display as shown on your demo?

    You’ll have to excuse this question if it comes across as dumb, I just haven’t created a WordPress page your way before, it’s honestly quite confusing. I’m used to WPBakery.

    In advance, thanks.


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    Hi @anders,

    The best way to achieve this is to override the Sidebar-2 widget area with Easy Custom Sidebars. Maybe you already have created a widgetized page by reading the steps described in the following post:

    Creating Widgetized Pages

    If you have already done so, the same process will apply. First, go to your dashboard and please navigate to “Appearance > Theme Sidebars”.
    Then, you will need to create new widget area. Please click the create a new sidebar link, give the widget area a name, and click the “Create Sidebar” button. Then select the widget area to replace, under “Sidebar Properties”. In your case, we recommended “BuddyPress” or “Members Directory”.

    Doing so, the new widget area will be available in your Customizer. Furthermore, the widgets moved to your new widget area will only be displayed when your members directory page will be shown.

    After doing this, you can follow this tutorial:

    It show you how to change the page layout and insert the search form to your sidebar.

    Hoe this will help :).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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