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    Does anyone know how to change the number of members that stream on the members’ page? Currently Buddypress default is 12, 24, etc. But there are five columns so this means that there is always a blank spot at the bottom of the page, because you can’t divide five into increments of 12, 24, etc.

    I would like to either have four or six columns or be able to change how many are visible per page to 10, 20, etc.

    Also, how can I have the default landing on members page be in ‘Alphabetical’ order instead of ‘Last Active’?

    Here is the page I am referencing:

    Any assistance would be much appreciated!


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @mignon,

    Concerning the number of members per page, the number of columns displayed depends on the size of your screen. I assume you are working on a laptop or something similar with a smaller screen, which is why you see 5 columns when you open the members page. If you open the members directory on a bigger screen, you’ll notice there are 6 columns and if you try to reduce the size of your window it will switch to 5, then 4, then 3 etc…

    This is why the choices for the number of members are locked to 12, 24, 36 and 48, because these numbers will cover the most cases as they are all multiples of 6, 4, 3 and 2. Unfortunately the 5 columns layout is the only one that isn’t a multiple and leaves a blank at the end, but there is sadly not much that we can do about it.

    Concerning the default order, here are a couple links that might help you (the latter is for groups order but it should be similar for members) :

    Sort Members Alphabetically by Default

    Buddypress how to sort Groups page alphabetically by default

    Please note that this involves modifying theme files, which means your changes will be lost when you update your theme.

    If you need more help concerning the default order, as this issue is related with BuddyPress, it’s best if you try to reach the plugin authors. They will be more informed and better suited to help you. Here’s where you can find their support forums:

    We remain available for all support requests related with the use of your theme.


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