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    Hi, Sorry for a dumb question, but I only have normal members on my page. So no paid members, no restricted content and everything is visible for everybody, expect that when you want to upload content, you have to register.
    When I add members, I do not see them, and it says there are no members. Same with groups.
    Where do I see these members? Is that the Users in WordPress, or do I need the Membership Pro plugin? Or is that not necessary for my goal?
    If you go to my homepage you will see my issue, no member cards?

    Hope you can help me out and give me some tips where to do what.



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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @markmarkie!

    Thank you for reaching out! 🙂

    First, do you have Paid Memberships Pro still activated on your website? If it is not useful to you, please make sure to remove it as it might interfere with your member settings.

    Also, the reason why you can’t see the users that you created manually might because BuddyPress will only show members considered as “active members” on the site. Even if you manually activated the users, you need to log in with each user account at least once so that BuddyPress considers them as active members.

    To make it easier for you, you can install the “User switching” plugin ( This plugin will allow you to browse your members list, then click on “Switch to” on the user of your choice. After switching, a link will appear at the bottom of your site to switch back to your admin user. You can then repeat the process for all your users and they should appear in your members page.


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