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    I bought this template and experimented with BuddyPress… but decided that I needed more functionality and went with Peepso. Once I installed the peepso plugins, I deactivated buddypress and your template stopped working.

    Can this template still be used if buddypress is not installed? If so, how do I do this? The peepso pages don’t show up in your template. I get page not found errors.


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi @viplister,

    This plugin is a competitor of BuddyPress. They have exactly the same features.
    Gwangi is a theme based on BuddyPress, so Peepso plugin will never be 100% compatibile.

    However, our theme Gwangi works well without BuddyPress (and without Grimlock for BuddyPress). Therefore, if you install Peepso it should work but not with the same features as Buddypress.

    If you have any errors with the theme Gwangi without BuddyPress, you can send them to us.
    However, we cannot help you with the compatibility between Gwangi and Peepso because this plugin is not supported.

    Best regards,

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