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Random Members Swap

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  • Bill Django
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    Is it possible to have a random Members swap. Not a ‘last active’ member swap.

    The random member is more interesting than last active.

    But maybe it’s to difficult to implement.

    PS : Vote for this features guys !

    Themosaurus Support
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    Hi @billdjango,

    Thank you for your great feedback. ?
    It would be indeed very nice to let users browse through random members or to be able to set the sorting order via a theme option.

    So, we will implement this feature if other community members upvote this request. Others have requested improvements of our Member Swap page. This request could be included in our task list if it becomes popular.

    We’ll keep you informed. Thank you very much for contributing to Gwangi!


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    ok for me

    Gilles Deron
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    Seems very interesting.

    I vote for this feature 🙂


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    Yes i really need that function too.

    But only for members swap.

    If anybody needs a random order at the members directory then use this code an put it to your bp-custom.php file:

    add_filter (‘bp_user_query_uid_clauses’, ‘random_order’, 10, 2);
    function random_order ($sql, $object)
    $request = bps_get_request (‘search’);

    if (count ($request) > 1)
    $sql[‘orderby’] = ‘ORDER BY rand()’;

    return $sql;

    (found at – creator of BP Profile Search )

    Themosaurus Support
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    Hi @dominik,

    Thank you for supporting this request! Thank you also for sharing this bit of code with the rest of us! That very kind of yours! #SharingIsCaring

    We’re working on refactoring and improving the Member Swap pages. No release date can be disclosed yet as we’re currently facing a shortage on staff with current COVID-19 sanitary lockdown and running late with development tasks.

    You can rest assured that this will be back on track as soon as we’re fully operational again!

    We’ll keep you updated.


    Themosaurus Support
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    Hi guys!

    We have released an update of Member Swipe for BuddyPress recently that includes this feature. Since then, you can create members directories to swipe and order in various ways, including random. Installing (or updating) this plugin to the latest version should bring this feature to your site.

    Thank you for contributing to our theme!

    Kindest regards,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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