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Reducinf TTFB / Overall Performance

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    we have a good VPS with enough ressources and installed an execellent cache option in combination with Cloudflare. We get good results but the limit is reached. The mass of plugins (mostly recommended) is just making this theme installation very intensive to load. Especially the Header has a lot of requests. Do you have some tips / guides how to improve the performance. Please not the average guide which is posted here many times already. I mean some real expert tips / configurations – maybe which you used for your demos etc… Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @eezydevelopment,

    Thank you very much for reaching out! 🙂

    First of all, we would like to remind you that a theme affects the presentation and visual style of your site, while plugins add all kinds of features and functionalities.

    In most case, performances issues are related to third party plugins, not our theme. To make sure that our theme doesn’t have anything to do with that, I suggest you to install a website with our theme without any extra plugins to check the performances.

    Concerning our usual reply about performances, note that it is normal to copy-paste the same reply as the advises are the same. Here is some extra explanations:

    • Check the WordPress prerequisites here: WordPress requirements
      If your website doesn’t have the prerequisites, it won’t work correctly and might slow down your website.
    • Use a good host. We use WP Engine to host all our demos.
      I understand that you have a good host. So, I don’t think this step concerns you. However, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is good advice, as some users may not use a good host.

    The performances of your website can also be improved, like our demos, by some additional plugins:

    • WP Rocket: Improving the speed of your WordPress site
    • Imagify: Shrinking your images with lowest quality loss.
      If your images are too big, I’m sure you can understand that your pages will load more slowly.
    • Imsanity: Automatically resizing huge image uploads

    Of course, these are basics advises and you can always add more stuff to improve your page loading time but this is a pretty good start. In conclusion, all these steps are required to make sure to optimise the performances of your website.

    The more important advise we can give you: Limit the number of plugins. As you know, too many plugins will considerably slow down your page loading time. So, we advise to stick to the bare minimum! Let’s imagine that a user uses 50 plugins on his website. In this case, there is little chance that his site will work quickly, regardless of the theme used. Did you know that only two plugins (Grimlock and Kirki) are actually required to make our theme perfectly work? You can rest assured that our theme will work fine and perform better without few plugins installed.

    We continually improve the performances of our themes. Please be aware that to reduce repetition in CSS, and improve powerful runtime effects like theme switching, we use variables to customize our theme.

    Moreover, we developed some additional plugins (Grimlock for BuddyPress, Grimlock for the Events Calendar, etc). We didn’t choose to make all the style in the theme to keep it light. Each plugins needs his Grimlock plugin to be compatible with the theme. For exemple: if you don’t want to use BuddyPress, you don’t need the style of BuddyPress. Some theme includes this style directly in the theme. However, it will slow down your website. This is why we choose to work differently. To applying the style of the theme on BuddyPress, you need to install Grimlock for BuddyPress.

    Here are some exemples:

    • BuddyPress + Grimlock for BuddyPress: Create a community
    • Paid Membership Pro + Grimlock for PMPro: Allow subscriptions to the community
    • The Events Calendar + Grimlock for The Events Calendar: Create a calendar with events.

    Please be aware that it’s more complicated than that, but I tried to explain you as simple as possible how we improve our theme. Be sure we do our best to ensure good performances

    I really hope this will help you understand better how our theme works and help you improve your performances. Let me know if you need more explanations. 🙂

    Kind regards,

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