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    Saroj Das
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    Hi there,
    I have successfully and correctly installed WordPress on Wamp Server and then Installed Gwangi them and also installed Elite Child theme with other corresponding widgets and contents installed Properly(following your installation steps)

    Now, when I log out and try to log In, it allows me to log in correctly(as an administrator and having the user and password saved). But when I try to register as new subscriber, clicking on the bottom link for registration of the form, it takes me to this page “”.

    Again, when I try to register through the PROFILE ICON of the Registration-Login page, I find Registration Fields are different, page is also different( Then even if I try to register through that page, Captcha does not work even when I select correct images.

    Please solve this problem as I need to launch my website as early as possible.


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    Hi @srdas101114,

    We’re sorry for your inconvenience.

    Your “Register” redirection issue might be caused by the demo content. In this file that you’ve imported, the “Register” menu item link points to “”, and not your own “Register” page.

    To change this, simply go back to your menu settings and edit the “User – Logged Out” menu. You can change or remove the menu item to add yours. If you open the BuddyPress menu panel, you will see the “Register” page link and the “Login” link to place in your menu. Just remove the imported ones and add the new ones BuddyPress has generated for you during its activation.

    It should solve your issue. 🙂


Hi there,

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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