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    How can we replace the “freshness” title to “date”?

    Thank you,


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    Hi eyebrandit,

    I suppose you are talking about the “Freshness” column in the forums. To be able to change pretty much any label on your site, you can create a “translation” for the plugin containing said label for the en_US language. Basically, you will be translating words from the default language (which is english) to english, allowing you to just change labels as you wish.

    To do that, we advise you to install the Loco Translate plugin ( which will allow you to easily create translations directly within WordPress and then follow these steps:

    • Go to Loco Translate > Plugins
    • Click on bbPress, as the “Freshness” label comes from that plugin
    • Click on “New language”
    • Under “Choose a language > WordPress Language”, choose “English (United States)” and click on “Start translating”
    • In the “Filter translations” box, type the word you want to change (here it would be “freshness”)
    • In the list of matches, click the one you want to change (“Freshness”)
    • Under “English (United States) translation:” type the new word (here it would be “Date”)
    • Click the “Save” button

    That should do the trick and should allow you to change pretty much any label, word, sentence, etc… You only need to know from which plugin they are.

    We hope this helps you setting up your website.

    Best regards,


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    Thanks, guys, really helpful and detailed feedback.


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    Hi @annae,

    You’re welcome. 😉


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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