Site slower than was before update

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    Since the latest version my site is now super slow and the performance is sluggish..

    This is not good for members of the site to interact with others.

    Please advise.

    P.s it is not my dedicated server end. This has been checked and only started happening since the latest then update.


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    I did add the rtmedia plugin to give members more usability.. tho when I disable this it does load faster..

    Would you look into implementing this in future theme updates in order to provide more functions as well as a usable speed with this request?



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    Hi @harryshapes,

    Although the rtMedia plugin is compatible with Gwangi, we are not responsible for the impact that other plugins have on website performance. Unfortunately we don’t plan on implementing any plugin features directly in the theme as these features belong in plugins, and it would be bad practice to include them directly in the theme.

    With that in mind, the performance of your website can be improved by using a caching plugin if you are not already using one. For that we recommend WP Rocket (, which is the one we are using on all of our demos. Finally, we may also recommend Imagify (, to shrink your images with lowest quality loss.

    Please be aware that too many plugins will considerably slow down your page loading time. So, we advise to stick to the bare minimum! 🙂

    We hope it helps.


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