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    I still have some problems. I’ll try to be clear. First of all: I downloaded Loco translate but it says that the bundle configuration is not complete.

    Than, I wanna know how to create a “Search Home form” from the beginning, whit my personal fields. But in Italian.

    Thanks (and sorry),


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    Hi @calliopes93,

    We’re very sorry for your trouble.

    The strings you’re looking for need to be translated from the BP Search Profile plugin, as you have discovered. That plugin doesn’t provide any POT file, so we created one with all the strings from that plugin which you can download here:

    Once you have translated the strings you need, you should have a and bp-profile-search-en_US.po file that you will place in the wp-content/languages/plugins directory of your site. For other languages than English, please replace en_US from the file name by the language code of your choice, for instance fr_FR for french.

    Please keep us updated if this helped you with the translation of your website.


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