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    Ovi Hasan
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    I want to show the user how many % of his/her profile is completed. (for example your 60% profile is complete. etc)
    2. how can see from admin panel which user fully fill up there profile? .


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    Hi @ovihasan,

    1. By default there is unfortunately no way to display a progress bar with the theme, but the Buddy Progress Bar plugin might do the trick:

    Buddy Progress Bar

    However, please note that this plugin is untested with Gwangi so we cannot guarantee that everything will work and be displayed as expected. What’s more, that plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years so we don’t know if it still works with the current version of WordPress and BuddyPress.

    2. The only way that we know to see if a user’s profile is complete is by going in Users and clicking on the “Extended” link on a user to see his profile fields.


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