Volontaris pera Lengua (VxL)

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    Albert Alcaine i Peralta
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    Volontaris pera Lengua (VxL, in English Volunteers for a Language) is a website for a non-profit organization which puts in contact volunteers that speak Occitan-Aranese with students or persons who are learning this language. This website can be accessed at https://www.volontarisperalengua.com .

    Occitan-Aranese (also known as occità-aranés, aranés, occità) is a minoritary and minorized language spoken in the Aran Valley, in the North-West of Catalonia, a region of about 620.47 square kilometres, in the Pyrenees mountains, in the province of Lleida. Aran borders France on the north, the Spanish Autonomous Community of Aragon to the west, and the Catalonia’s comarques of Alta Ribagorça to the south and Pallars Sobirà to the east.

    The entire population in Aran speak Spanish (38.78%) as their native language, followed by Aranese (34.19%), then Catalan (19.45%) with 7.56% having a different native language. Speakers of languages other than the local Aranese are typically people born outside the valley, or their children.

    Volontaris pera Lengua (VxL) puts in contact native volunteers with interested people or students learning Aranese in order to learn, practice and share interests in Aranese. All activities are free of cost, and participating in the programme is also free.

    This website belongs to the Virtual Campus of the Institut Aranés (Aranese Institute) which offers free courses of Aranesse for everybody. Students can learn and obtain a certification for the level A1, A2, B1 and B2 (MECR) where teachers (volunteers) tutorize these courses, which can be found in https://campus.institutaranes.com .

    We’ve used Gwangi as the main template 🙂


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    Themosaurus Support

    Hi Albert Alcaine i Peralta,

    Awesome! We’re glad that you were able to build an awesome website with Gwangi to allow sharing knowledge, and free of cost 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the showcase!


    Mark T
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    Love this site – great job Albert!

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