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    your theme is beautiful, but there is one thing that is ugly as hell.

    The Profile fields are just all written down in a list, that does not only look bad,
    it makes the user scroll and scroll. see screenshots

    you could easily support:

    or same as easy and not using another plugin by adding it yourself:

    I would like to see it how it is here at the tab:
    It’s simple jqueryui, so it shouldn’t be so hard I guess.

    (I came from sweetdate, they make them even visible on every profile tab, means you can even see it when you are on the activity tab for example. What is even better)

    And the media tab <3 that is awesome!

    Please vote for it – but I think that is the biggest downside of your and many other themes, so you should consider to add it anyway!
    no one want to scroll throu hundread profile fields, whise there could be tabs!

    Kind regards


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    I support this request


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    Thank you for your feedback.

    We agree that using tabs for profile field groups would be better and easier to use, that would be indeed an improvement to that page. So we decided to add this to our roadmap, but currently with a low priority, so please don’t expect to see this coming too soon.

    Of course if other members vote for this request, we will make sure to increase the priority of this request.

    Concerning the profile fields in the member header (like in the sweetdate example), the next release of Gwangi is coming with a new feature to display some of your fields in that area and in the member cards.

    Best regards,


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    awesome @themoceratops you are doing a great job <3
    Without doubt, I’m sure your theme will get the no. 1 dating theme for wordpress if you keep up like this!


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    Thank you for the kind words @surrealer! Let’s hope we do become #1 dating theme in the future 🙂


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    Hi @surrealer,

    We recently release a new version of Gwangi. Updating your theme and all the required plugins to the latest version should fix this issue.

    If you have correctly updated Gwangi and Grimlock, the problem should now be fixed. You might still be seeing the issue because your browser cache is showing you an older version of the page (browsers do that to load pages faster). So to see that the issue is resolved you will need to empty your browser cache and reload the page. If you want to read more on what browser cache is and how to clear it, here is an article that might help you:

    To update your theme, you can download and install the Envato Market plugin ( on your WordPress site.

    Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to “Envato Market” in your admin menu and follow the instructions under “Activate Envato API Connection”.

    When this is done, you will see your purchased themes under the “Themes” tab and you should be able to update your Gwangi theme from there by clicking the “Update available” button.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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