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    Mohamed Bakry
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    i am using Wise Chat pro and i would like to change the chat icon, how to perform that?

    check the circle in the attached picture

    Home Land


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    Hi @mohamedbakry83,

    Unfortunately, this plugin is not supported by our theme. I took the liberty to move your topic to the Feature Requests forum, in which we store and discuss integration or feature addition with our community.

    We will implement this feature if other community members grow interest for it and upvote your request.

    We’ll keep you informed. Thank you very much for contributing to Gwangi!

    Best regards,


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    Please note that we do not recommend activating both Wise Chat and BP Better Messages, as they seem to clash with each other. Please refer to my previous reply:

    Suggest chat plugin integrated with messages

    Deactivating one of theme should solve your issue.



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    Hello Mohamed,

    It is possible to know the url address of your website?
    thank you

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